New PocketGo JZ4770 Retro Game Console from BittBoy – not that I have enough portable game consoles already:

Aluminium Heatsink Case for Raspberry Pi 4 from Pimoroni – what a great Symbiosis:

The SynthWave '84 VS Code theme inspired me to tinker my own Twitterrific theme:

Just dipped my toe into color profiles, SLOG2, SLOG3 and LUTs aaand maybe that’s just a too big shoe for just some casual photos and videos I am planning to do. Do you go the extra mile to get good looking photos and videos?

Just setup a third installation of – now my wife, the servers and me all rely on cloud-less syncing.

About to install a Raspberry Pi 4 into a pi-topCEED – wish me luck

@dansup I am not sure how far Pixelfed 1.0 is away but pls. allow me the question if you plan to provide a docker image of Pixelfed for selfhosting? Me and my family are desperately looking for a replacement of our beloved Path app.

Fresh into season two of Line of Duty – another great recommendation by @jsnell THX btw

Poolside FM mit knorke 90er Jahre Website – so etwas in der Art hatten wir Anfang 1997 auch :

10 Jahre vor dem Erscheinen des SONY TPS-L2 Walkman umrundete ein SONY Walkman – der SONY TC-50 – mit der Apollo 10 Mission den Mond – ein Video von YouTuber Mat von Techmoan:

Nintendo Switch Lite – erscheint im September, kosten 200 US$, hat nicht-abnehmbare Joy-Con Controller, erscheint in drei Farben und ohne TV-Anschluss:

R.I.P. MacBook – you are irreplaceable (at least for me and the moment):

In high school I was the first dude who owned a Walkman. Well, technically it was a Toshiba KT-S1. My luck lasted only a few days, when a friend of mine got the real deal – a TPS-L2.:

I never knew that Apple’s Pippin had a netbook like screen and keyboard with an optional pen input:

Stumbled upon the Walkman Archive – now I want three additional models for my little retro collection to accompany my TPS-L2.:

The next step in robotic space exploration: In 2026 NASA will be sending a quadcopter to Titan. A quadcopter. To Titan.:

Raspberry Pi 4 mit 1, 2 oder 4 GB RAM, 2 x USB 3, GigaBit Ethernet, Dual Micro HDMI Ports, USB-C Stromversorgung und 3 x schnellerer CPU:

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