Das National Videogame Museum in Frisco, Texas, hat einen super seltenen Prototypen des “Vectrex Mini”: yves.io/links/2018/11/161027

Life is sometimes complicated: With my wife and two daughters I have individual and group chats in every possible combination. Or maybe it is just me being unable to multitask.

This Lichterfest has something to it. I like my hood.

Hm, das Cross-Posting via Micro.blog hat diesmal nicht geklappt, wahrscheinlich war der Text zu lang: „POCO – Pocket Raspberry Pi Gaming Kit in drei Gehäusefarben, 2.8 Inch Touch TFT Display, Stylus, Kamera, HDMI, Raspberry Pi zero W für 167 €“

Craig Hockenberry erläutert die zukünftige Dark Mode Unterstützung in Browsern, die jetzt schon in der Safari Technology Preview #68 getestet werden kann: yves.io/links/2018/11/091155

Rode my bike for the first time in several years. To the tennis training. And back. Butt and legs are in pain.

Düsseldorf-Unterbilk ist ein armer Stadtteil – kein Geld für eine ordentliche Straßenbeleuchtung

Micro.blog mit Crossposting zu Mastodon und als Quasi-Mastodon-Client: yves.io/links/2018/11/081137

What is the best way to follow the midterm elections on Tuesday on TV here in Germany?

Hi @Gargron – it would be great if the release-specific upgrade instructions (for 2.6.0) were as detailed as the general upgrade instructions. E.g. the ruby upgrade part is even with the help of DuckDuckGo not easy to solve (at least for me, a semi-noob).

Trashed my Mastodon server while updating to 2.6.1. Thanks god for the automated backups from Linode. I have no idea what went wrong. But I assume it has something to do with the update to Ruby 2.5.3 which I couldn’t manage to initiate. The two step update process (general and release specific) is quiet error prone. #2.6.1

Just watched – Lady Gaga is a great actress (and singer of course). Also: The trailer for looks stellar.

Hi @jsnell – did you find out, why Safari Technology Preview No. 68 doesn’t display your website? It does the same with my site on my iMac but not on my MacBook One.

Regarding the upcoming Apple event: I am in the market for an upgrade of my 2017 MacBook and Apple over the ear headphones. And maybeeee two new Mac minis if they become suitable as a server again. So please Apple, make it so.

Agent Audrey reports back from duty in Canada.

So if an iPad Pro can run a nearly full-fledged Photoshop – how far are we away from an iOS Macbook @jsnell teases us with?

If you are interested in Apple Watch faces, a coder noob like me and not shy to get your hands dirty, I have something for you: yves.io/blog/2018/10/what-watc

When you are casually watching a space launch and then suddenly things go south – bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-45

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