@Eggfreckles What about the DUO dock? PS I owned one in the days…

I don’t want to update to the bug infested macOS Catalina in the foreseeable future. This is how to get rid of the annoying update suggestion in the System Preferences.: yves.io/links/2019/10/242020

Analogue Pocket – ein FPGA-basierter Emulator für Game Boy, Game Boy Color & Game Boy Advance sowie zahlreiche weitere Handheld Konsolen: yves.io/links/2019/10/181114

@MadeMyDay Hi Marc, da gibt es fast keine Chance rauszukommen. In der Wertschöpfungskette muss nach unserer Erfahrung immer die erste GmbH zahlen – in unserem Fall leider wir als Agentur. Unabhängig davon, wie die Gewerke darunter sozialversichert sind. Ich habe mal von einem Fall gehört, wo die Agentur behauptet hat, dass sie alleinig die kreative Arbeit macht und alle Externen nur technisch ausführende sind. Das hat sogar für echte Kreative funktioniert. Das ist aber schon ein paar Jahre her.

Kickstarter Campaign for Injection Molded Clear and glow-in-the-dark Cases for the Apple II and II Plus by MacEffects: yves.io/links/2019/10/011423

External Samsung Portable SSD T5 keeps ejecting itself under macOS even when neither Mac nor HDs ever sleep – back to Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD: yves.io/blog/2019/09/271342

Protip – To speed-up watchOS updates disable Bluetooth on the iPhone while the update is loaded to Apple Watch. For me it went from 7 hours to a couple of minutes. I'am always the last one to get to know these tricks.

Just in time for the launch of Apple Arcade I managed to get Lotharek’s SIO2SD run with my Atari 800. Hours of fun ahead.

@MadeMyDay I don’t know how narrow you define local development, but I once used a Raspberry Pi Zero connected as a USB Gadget to my Mac and started developing on my personnel website. But I am by no means a pro developer. Maybe you can add Docker to this setup. Just an idea.

New PocketGo JZ4770 Retro Game Console from BittBoy – not that I have enough portable game consoles already: yves.io/links/2019/09/101812

Aluminium Heatsink Case for Raspberry Pi 4 from Pimoroni – what a great Symbiosis: yves.io/links/2019/09/101307

The SynthWave '84 VS Code theme inspired me to tinker my own Twitterrific theme: yves.io/blog/2019/09/051527

Just dipped my toe into color profiles, SLOG2, SLOG3 and LUTs aaand maybe that’s just a too big shoe for just some casual photos and videos I am planning to do. Do you go the extra mile to get good looking photos and videos?

Just setup a third installation of – now my wife, the servers and me all rely on cloud-less syncing.

About to install a Raspberry Pi 4 into a pi-topCEED – wish me luck

@dansup I am not sure how far Pixelfed 1.0 is away but pls. allow me the question if you plan to provide a docker image of Pixelfed for selfhosting? Me and my family are desperately looking for a replacement of our beloved Path app.

Fresh into season two of Line of Duty – another great recommendation by @jsnell THX btw

Poolside FM mit knorke 90er Jahre Website – so etwas in der Art hatten wir Anfang 1997 auch : yves.io/links/2019/07/261532

10 Jahre vor dem Erscheinen des SONY TPS-L2 Walkman umrundete ein SONY Walkman – der SONY TC-50 – mit der Apollo 10 Mission den Mond – ein Video von YouTuber Mat von Techmoan: yves.io/links/2019/07/240902

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