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Stumbled upon the Walkman Archive – now I want three additional models for my little retro collection to accompany my TPS-L2.:

The next step in robotic space exploration: In 2026 NASA will be sending a quadcopter to Titan. A quadcopter. To Titan.:

Raspberry Pi 4 mit 1, 2 oder 4 GB RAM, 2 x USB 3, GigaBit Ethernet, Dual Micro HDMI Ports, USB-C Stromversorgung und 3 x schnellerer CPU:

This morning my car got a software update and now it’s supercharging. This feels like the future. Thanks @elonmusk

Updated my instance to 2.9.0 but still have the multi-column layout. Is the new single-column layout just for new users?

Twitterrific6 – Rocked the beta. Insta-bought the all time package. Supported an indie dev.

Ein weiterer und detaillierterer Screenshot von Panics nächstem Editor. Diesmal mit einem Terminal, Editor-Issues im Sidebar und Tab-PopOver.:

Charger, charger on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Hello world! Or how I can now post status updates from @keyboardmaestro directly to my blog (with a little help of ChronoSync by @econriver and @getkirby)

Playdate von Panic – eine mobile Spielkonsole und die erste Hardware von den Machern meines Lieblings-Code-Editors:

Blue Origin presents its Blue Moon lander which is in development for three years:


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